All systems are go

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  • DCloud API

    The API for our CLI tool.

  • DEITY Falcon Platform

    Overall health of our DEITY Falcon Platform.

    • CDN / DDoS protection

      Our CDN / DDoS protection is responsible for optimizing the speed of your website assets and protecting your website from DDoS attacks.

    • Load balancers

      Our load balancers are responsible for directing visitors to the right website on our platform in addition to making sure traffic reaches the least-busy node for maximum speed.

    • Health Canary's

      Our health canary's are spread over our platform and inform us when something is going on.

  • 3rd Party Services

    These services are not managed by DEITY but may be integrated into customer websites

    • BigCommerce Status

      Detects if any component on is degraded.

Previous Incidents

[Resolved] Potential third-party downtime

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  • 3rd Party Services
  • BigCommerce Status

We've detected potential downtime at a third-party that may affect your store. Please notice that this may also be a component at a third-party such as payment modules. Check the affected third-party for details.

All checks are back up.

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